Gancia Prosecco DOC Rosé extra-dry


Varieties: Glera, Pinot Noir


Type: Sparkling, Dry Gancia, in collaboration with one of the finest winemakers, Donato Lanati, has created one of the world’s first Prosecco Rosé wines, made from selected Glera and Pinot Noir grapes in a premium bottle reminiscent of sun rays, and produced in accordance with the Prosecco Rosé DOC production regulations.

Aroma: Intense bouquet with a floral mix of flowers and fruity notes originating from strawberries, blackberries, and small red fruits. The olfactory notes, due to the extended contact with the lees, harmoniously blend with the primary aromas, creating a unique aromatic profile.

Pairs with: It can be served on its own or pairs perfectly with raw fish or white meat.

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