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This unique, ultra-premium French Gin has established a new standard in the super premium spirits category. Its proprietors, Jean Sibastien Robicquet and Bruno de Reilhac, are lead oenologists and master distillers of EuroWineGate in the French region of Cognac. The two men broke away from traditional Juniper-based London dry and combined style and complexity to create a new type of contemporary gin which is creating new standards.  They have achieved this through the introduction of the rare green grape flower as the base of the G’Vine using ancestral grape distillation techniques and infusion practices.

Utilising Ugni Blanc grape varietal which is renowned for its ability to adapt to the distillation practices of France’s Cognac region, makes for a neutral grape spirit that is considerably smoother with a heady body.  Blossoming once a year, in mid-June, this rare green grape flower brings with it a gorgeous fragrance.  It exists for only a few days before maturing into a grape berry when is immediately handpicked so as to retain its spellbinding fragrance, infused and then distilled in a small Florentine pot still.

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